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Concrete Reconstruction 

Here at Re-Earth we provide concrete reconstruction at NYC DOT approved quality but for an affordable price. We have worked on over 15 New York City sidewalk contracts which has seasoned our men to be the some of the best in the industry. We would now like to offer these services to the private sector. Listed below are some of the key projects that we can complete for you: 

  • New York City DOT Violation Clearing 

  • Sidewalks

  • Pedestrian Ramps 

  • Complex Corners 

  • Concrete Curb

  • Steel Face Curb 

  • Pigmented Concrete

  • Driveways

  • Aprons

  • Loading Docks

  • Parking Pads

Builders Pavement Plan (BPP)

Re-Earth is one of the top Builders Pavement Plan Specialists in New York City. We will ensure that your project is finished to the highest quality the industry can offer at a reasonable price. 

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